Unfortunately, it’s times like these we all have to take care and watch out for those who are exploiting our fears about the situation. Reports have recently surfaced of phishing and malware scams offering “helpful” things like: voicemails containing virus updates, natural remedies, cures, tips on disinfecting your home, and fake products to use during quarantine.

Phishing: Like other phishing scams, clicking on these links or files will prompt you to enter login credentials, such as your email and password. But you won’t get what you bargained for: not only will these credentials be stolen and used against you, the information you receive on the other end may also be more detrimental to your health than helpful.

Malware: Hackers are using the names of major organizations, such as “WHO” and “CDC”, to create convincing emails with attached files that are disguised as useful tips. When opened, the malware automatically runs and begins infiltrating your device.

Now is the time to stay alert and keep your guard up. And as always, keep your software and systems updated.
Also, trust your gut; if it feels fishy, it probably is.