While small-time hackers are targeting personal computers, larger and more malevolent groups are thinking bigger: attacking essential organizations–like local governments, pharmaceutical organizations, medical research companies, schools, and healthcare facilities–the US Department of Homeland Security warns.
Why would somebody do such a terrible thing? To obtain intelligence and research for the benefit of their companies, their countries, or themselves. And now more than ever, with the stresses of COVID-19, we should be on high alert for such threats (just imagine how valuable medical information is at the moment).
Since the largest attacks to date use a method called “password spraying” (hackers simply trying commonly used passwords with credentials your organization may post online) the best way employees working in these industries can prevent their companies from being compromised is strengthening passwords.
Make them personal, long, and use numbers and special characters. No, it’s not super convenient- but consider the risks, and weigh them against the benefit of a quick log-in!