A shocking 25% of retailers have permanently lost critical data that has significantly impacted their company, a recent survey finds. The worst part? Most of them hardly even realize how important it is, or even that it’s gone at all, until they have to recover it.

Inventory, gift card data, orders, customer info, and webpages were just a few of the items the survey found these primarily small business owners lost to both human error and cyberattacks. And even though 4 out of 5 of survey participants said that losing this data would cause significant harm to their companies, 60% of them noted that they didn’t have a backup strategy in place if such catastrophes were to occur!

Both online and brick & mortar retailers should take this news as a fair warning. Not having a strategy in place to properly back up this crucial data can cost business owners hours of time, bundles of cash, and even customers and reputations. Protect yourselves now against these inevitable misfortunes with a back up plan-of-action!