employees put cyber security at risk

You may be surprised at the answer. Don’t worry- your staff isn’t out to get you, or your data. However, they are human, and have a propensity for making mistakes. That’s exactly why they were ranked as the highest risk to data security in the 2019 Global Encryption Trends Study, a survey conducted to record statistics for and help improve company safety strategies.

Coming in a close second? Malfunctioning security systems- because computers make mistakes, too! Only 30% of survey respondents mentioned that hackers were of concern, and even less at 21% cited insiders with malevolent intent. Shocked? Don’t be; carelessness, along with a general failure to follow common company procedures, is a universal problem in business everywhere. There just so happens to be far more severe consequences when encryption is involved!

Mistakes such as these can be avoided by actively and regularly educating employees on the importance of cyber security, as well as incentivizing them to perform their jobs with better care.