voip system right for business

Studies show traditional landlines may be going the way of the dodo as VoIP systems grow exponentially in popularity. As a matter of fact, over 200 billion corporate users are predicted to be using internet-based telephone services by 2020. So what is VoIP, and how does it work? The acronym stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it’s essentially exactly what it sounds like. Instead of using the traditional copper wiring of a landline, these phone systems simply use an existing internet connection.

This opens up a whole new world of efficiency for business communication that would otherwise not be possible. Here are some of the features of upgrading to a VoIP system:

1. Lowered Cost

VoIP can cost anywhere from 40-80% less than traditional land lines.

2. Modern Necessity

The technology landscape is changing rapidly, and features such as managing calls from your desktop, office calls from a cell phone app, voicemails delivered by email and video conferencing are becoming a necessity for most companies, VoIP can include all of these.

3. Mobility & Flexibility

Need to work from home? Traveling on business? As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to communicate seamlessly. Moving offices? VoIP makes transferring your phone service simple. Keep your number, forget about any cumbersome rewiring, and take your communications with you stress free.

What’s the Best for Your Business?

With so much information available, researching and deciding whether to make the switch to an internet based communication system can be daunting. Keeping up with the latest technology can be difficult, but we’re here to help! To find out more about whether VoIP is right for you and your company, feel free to reach out via email at info@kccompany.net or telephone, (717) 431-5054.