Untangling the benefits of neatness.

A little bit of time and attention to detail could have prevented this mess! Unfortunately, this is a common sight for most of us. We all have a tendency to stuff cables and wires behind our devices after long sessions of troubleshooting or setup. This is what most people consider “cleaning” when the day is done. Out of sight, out of mind.

But, there are a few surprising benefits to keeping these wires in order. For example, the ability to navigate well organized cables makes for quicker problem solving and diagnostics. It also prevents wire damage, which inevitably reduces overheating and fire hazards. And aesthetically, a more professional appearance certainly doesn’t hurt!

Most office supply stores offer inexpensive, creative, and sightly solutions for an orderly IT Network. Something as simple as a sleeve can be effective enough for the home, and raceway kits are a great option for larger systems. Drop-over cable protectors cover and preserve exposed wires against external damage, while also protecting others from tripping over them. It will only take a minute to care for this clutter; the advantages are there to stay as long as you are.